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Loves ♥:
~ Drawing
~ Playing guitar
~ Music
~ Japanese fashion
~ Colors
~ Cute stuff
~ Frogs!
~ And Arimura Ryutaro from Plastic Tree has a special place in my heart ♥

Hates :
~ Selfishness, betraying, bullying and all that shit, you know
~ Art thieves >:--(
~ coldness, darkness, rain
~ Horror movies D:
~ my username....

I've quit thanking for the faves since some time ago, because I myself find it rather annoying that my messages are only filled with people thanking for the faves. ^^; However, I am really thankful for everyone who faves/comments my work and will always visit the profiles of people who do so! c:

So I finally decided to write some kind of report of the Gazette's gig, which took place at The Circus, right in the heart of Helsinki about two weeks ago.
Well the first thing I have to say is that it was FUCKING AMAZING. I've listened to these guys about four and half years now so it was wonderful to see them perform live! I thought seeing The GazettE in Finland was something that could never happen, but I'm happy they proved me wrong.

I queued with my friend about 10 hours and we were FREEZING. (well it's Finland, what can I expect) We got a shitty queueing number 423 so we were almost at the end of the regular line after the lines were organized. It didn't really bother me though, since in the end there were so many people behind us. Anyhow, I think that the queueing system we have here is great, it prevents catfights and jumping the queue. Some foreigners seemed a bit confused about it tho lol.

Thought the day was really cold (Even Ruki seemed to think so, since he tweeted "Helsinki on hyvin kylmä [=Helsinki is very cold] late in the Saturday night lol) the show was REALLY HOT. Right after we entered The Circus there were loads of people everywhere and it felt like there wasn't enough oxygen for all of us. I only bought the red version of the tour shirt from the merch table, I really wanted the rad man one but the last one got sold right in front of my eyes. ;___;

We got a rather good place though obviously it was pretty far back since all the VIPs and and some regulars were already in front of us. (Though at some point I noticed I had come like two meters forward since everyone obviously tried to get closer the stage and some people came away from the front after fainting or such) I was happy to have short people around me, with my height of 170 cm and 5 cm of my creepers in addition to that, I saw Uruha and Ruki quite perfectly most of the time. (As long as there weren't thousands of hands in the air blocking my view haha.) 

When [XI] finally started to play I was SO EXCITED. Suddenly I found myself going all crazy and screaming my lungs out. The moment when they came to the stage was so unreal but when VORTEX started to play I couldn't help but believe that they were actually there. The gig was really energetic, most of the songs were "jump and headbang as hard as you can"- type so I was more than happy when Untitled started, it was like a resting song. (Lol it was so funny btw, when in the beginning of the gig the stuff guy told us not to jump but only a few minutes later Ruki was on the stage, screaming "JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! with all his might hahah. That rebellious tiny man. ♥) I guess the only thing that made me enjoy the gig a bit less than I otherwise would have was the fact that I was thirsty as hell even in the beginning. When the second song started I already felt like I had the desert of Sahara in my mouth lol. At some point I thought I was going to pass out but luckily I didn't. I was surprised how well I could keep up with which song was playing and when regardless my dizzyness and the crazy atmosphere. I totally missed DRIPPING INSANITY, BEFORE I DECAY and Sludgy cult though. Ruki let us sing Filth in the Beauty, I don't think we did that well but it was fun. XD When Suicide Circus started to play everyone went absolutely CRAZY. It seems that I wasn't the only one who thought it was like "our song" since the name of the venue was the Circus after all ahahah. |D

I really have to say something about Uruha: hoLY SHIT THAT MAN IS GORGEOUS. HE IS DEFINITELY TAKING THE WORD FABULOUS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. It's not like I didn't know it before, but I didn't think he could be even better irl???!! When he just stood there playing his guitar with the fan blowing his air and making him look like Pocahontas (Uruhontas! lol), he didn't even seem to be human but more like an unbelievably beautiful god or something. Ruki was touching himself as usual and oh my god his creepy laugh gave me shivers for like, the rest of my life. Ruki also seemed so cheerful during the concert, he smiled all the time and it was just too cute! I didn't see Aoi and Reita too well and Kai nearly at all but luckily I got at least a few glimpses of each member. When Aoi came to play his solo to our side of the stage and did that sexy neck bending of his I felt like my inner fangirl was going to go crazy. Aoi has been my fav member of gazette since I first got to know them so I was a bit sad not seeing him much but that definitely compensated it all. But during the concert, I heard he was kinda grumpy hahah. I guess he had technical troubles or something like that, poor guy. Also when Reita started to dance ballet with his bass I felt like fainting right in that place. The only time I actually saw Kai was when he entered the stage before the encore but at least I got to see that adorable smile of his.<3

As usual I didn't catch anything if we don't count the water that Ruki threw straight into my eye. My makeup must have looked absolutely fabulous after that. It was refreshing though. With the other stuff they threw I only had those sad wow-that-was-close-moments that I always seem to have. Uruha threw one of his plecs RIGHT TO WHERE I WAS STANDING and I reached my hand to catch it but missed it with like 10 centimetres or something and it fell on the floor and someone else caught it. T___T I hate my bad reflexes.

But oh well I guess I should end this now...I have quite a novel here already. I AM HONESTLY SORRY I WROTE TOO MUCH..!! I tend to get too enthusiastic when writing these stuffs. ;___; Plus this is an experience that definitely doesn't happen every day so I guess my eagerness is acceptable. If someone reads the whole thing they deserve my full respect. XD

I really hope this wasn't my last time seeing these men! They better come back soon ; ~ ; Anyway one of my dreams has now come true so I guess I can only be grateful to have been able to experience all this. So huge thanks to all people who made it possible! JrockSuomi, my aunt who hosted us, the GazettE themselves, all the other sixth guns...THANK YOU ♥

Here's the setlist if anyone is interested:

13. Filth in the Beauty 
16. Linda ~candydive pinky heaven~

Did some of you guys go to see gazemen on this tour? If so, I am happy to hear your experiences too!

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NyappyPancake05 Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the fav <3 :D
Kaeru-desu Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome ~ ! ^ - ^
KaisaKata Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kiitos favesta! ; w ;♥
Kaeru-desu Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ole hyvä~ ^ - ^
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